Enter and exit the big pool independently
 Step from side into shallow end
 Bob 5 times
 Submerge face for 3 seconds
 Open eyes and retrieve objects 
 Front float
 Back float
 Finning arm movements
 Roll from front to back
 Roll from back to front
 Front glide streamlined
 Push off streamlined and flutter kick
 Push off using flutter kick and arms
 Flutter kick on back
 Back crawl arm movement
 Explore deep water with support
 Sunscreen precautions
 Calling for help
 How to use a lifejacket


Stride entry into deep water
Dive into deep water
Jump from diving board
Deep water bobbing
Feet first surface dive
Swim underwater 10 yards
Survival float 1 minute
Tread water 2 minutes
Rhythmic breathing
Elementary backstroke 10 yards
Front crawl 25 yards
Back crawl 25 yards
Breaststroke arms
Breaststroke kick
Front crawl open turn
Back crawl open turn
Reach or throw emergencies
Diving Board Rules


 Retrieve objects from bottom of shallow end  
Jump into deep water
Headfirst entry into deep water with support 
Bobbing 10 times
Survival float 20 seconds
Tread water 20 seconds
Rhythmic breathing
Front crawl, 10 yards
Back crawl, 10 yards
Reverse direction while swimming
Elementary back armstroke
Elementary back kick
Diving safety rules
Murky and cold water safety


Times/Levels Available (2018)


 Enter and exit small pool independently
 Retrieve submerged objects in small pool
 Support float on front
 Support float on back
 Arm supported crawl in small pool
 Blow bubbles through mouth and nose
 Demonstrate kicking on the front
 Demonstrate kicking on the back
 Move along wall in big pool
 Bob 3 times in big pool
 Discuss importance of safety rules


P.O. Box 30605, Gahanna, OH 43230


Shallow angle dive in deep water
Standing dive from board
Tuck surface dive
Tread water 3 minutes
Elementary backstroke 50 yards
Front crawl 50 yards
Back crawl 50 yards
Breaststroke 25 yards
Front flip turn
Butterfly kick
Wave and tide safety

9:20-9:554, 5 AND 6
10:00-10:353 AND 4
10:45-11:202 AND 3
11:30-12:051 AND 2

Swim Lessons

Foxboro Swim Lessons - 2018
A $60 charge will apply for non-pool members.

Swim Lesson signups:
June 2nd 2018 at the pool
11:00 Am for members and 12:00 PM for non-members

2018 Session Dates: June 10-22, July 8-20, July 23-Aug 3


We would like to invite you to become a member of the Foxboro Pool.  We are nestled within a Franklin County Nature Area in the Foxboro subdivision in Gahanna, OH.  In addition to our unique features, we pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly, family oriented pool.  Become a member today and come splash with us!


Pike surface dive
Surface Dive and retrieve object from bottom of deep end
Sidestroke arms
Sidestroke kick
Butterfly arms
Front crawl 100 yards
Elementary backstroke 100 yards
Back crawl 100 yards
Breaststroke 50 yards
Sidestroke 25 yards
Butterfly 25 yards
Breaststroke pullout
Backstroke flip turn
Breaststroke turn
Butterfly turn
Survival Float 5 minutes
Demonstrate throwing rescues
Using a flotation device while swimming
Recognizing spinal cord injuries​​